About Us

With more than 20 years in operation, Lumin is one of the leading companies in forestation and forest products in Uruguay.

Today, our business includes 120,000 hectares of timberlands in north eastern and north central Uruguay, as well as a seedling nursery, a cogeneration facility, and a plywood and veneer manufacturing facility.

Our timberlands constitute a mix of pine and eucalyptus trees, with a core focus on sustainability both for environmental management systems and for practices related to the harvesting of the trees.

Through the management of sustainable forestation practices, we provide products that satisfy a broad variety of human needs, while at the same time preserving a healthy environment. We are proud that our forests have been chosen as the model to develop the first forestation standards in Uruguay.

In addition to this, we work with a clonal seedling nursery with the aim of developing a forest that produces raw materials oriented to make solid wood products with outstanding engineering and structural properties at a competitive cost.

Our operations produce high quality, long lasting, beautiful and sustainable wood-based products. Our business is inspired by the desire to guarantee a trustworthy supply of products from responsible and sustainable sources to our clients at national, regional, and global levels.

In Lumin, we also have a cogeneration plant where we utilize biomass to create bio-energy used to power manufacturing operations or sold to the national electricity network. This reinforces our commitment to the use renewables in line with our policies on environmental sustainability.

Aligned with our objectives, Lumin is committed to meeting local and national standards, as well as our own corporate social responsibility which focuses on safety, diversity, ethics, responsibility and sustainability.

Today, over 750 personnel make up the teams that work in the departments of Tacuarembó, Rivera, Cerro Largo, Treinta y Tres and Montevideo.

In 2016, Lumin received the Corporate Excellence Award from the US Secretary of State. This award pays tribute to American companies outside of the United States, that demonstrate a global model of corporate citizenship by being proactive in sustainable development, respect for human rights, the preservation of the environment, transparency and advances made in democratic values.



Ethics and Values

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Proveedores Espanol – 2018 (Spanish)
 Codigo de Etica Comercial – 2018 – Espanol (Spanish)
 Code of Ethics – Suppliers – 2018 (English)
 Commercial code of Ethics – 2018 (English)