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Lumin signed agreement for the installation and operation of an educational center of special care for early childhood in Tacuarembó


Lumin, the Wood Workers Union Organization (OSTM), the National Care System (SNC) and the National Children and Adolescent Institute of Uruguay (INAU), signed an agreement for the installation of a special care center in the department of Tacuarembó. The center will be named Arcoíris.


Lumin will provide the infrastructure needed for the installation and operation of the center as well as the initial equipment so the service can be implemented, and maintained. The National Care System, through the INAU, is the institution responsible for supporting the monthly expenses to sustain the service.

This agreement is an important hit for Lumin’s Corporate Social Responsibility program for several reasons, e.g.: the magnitude of this entrepreneurship, the importance of the investment, the betting on the early childhood portion of the community and the key participation of the OSTM Union and the governmental actors.

The center will have a socio-educational environment that can provide a service for up to 120 children to improve their integral development, with a priority set on early childhood -less than 3 years old-, as well as to the promotion of the exercise of their rights.

Every center will count with an education and protection program directed to children between 45 days and 36 months of age, which will be oriented within the curricular framework established by the INAU.

The NGO selected to administer and carry out the program will be the “CARDIJN Program” which, with great expertise, carries out several other programs of social interest in the department of Tacuarembó, while the OSTM Union, will be the institution providing the maintenance of the infrastructure ensuring their optimum state.

The priority to gain access to the services will be placed on Lumin employees with small children and those who belong to the community where the center will be established.

The actors who signed the agreement were: Mara Pisano, the Human Resources manager for Lumin, Jorge Ferrando, the director of the Early Childhood office for INAU, Gabriel Corbo, the director of the Early Childhood Area for the National Care System. Authorities from the Ministry of Social Development (MIDES), INAU and the SNC also assisted the meeting.

Mara Pisano, Lumin’s Human Resources Manager, commented during the signing ceremony: “we feel very proud to be extending our ties with the community and collaborators, and also to bet on the caring of early childhood. We understand that it’s a defining factor for the development and the future of the country”.

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