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Lumin, owner of the license for the Program of Lessons from the Earth (PLT), and Montes del Plata, transferred their rights of a new education tool to reach teachers and students from public primary schools from around the country through Plan Ceibal.

Until now, both companies have been responsible for the implementation of this program of environmental education from the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (USA), approved by the CIEP (Early and Primary Education Council) and supported by the Departments of Early and Primary Education in its execution.

The Program Lessons from the Earth has been a success in its implementation in Tacuarembó, Rivera, Paysandú and Durazno since 2012. During that period, 5793 students from 74 primary schools and 254 teachers were reached by the program in its face to face format.

With the transference of rights, 96 lessons and activities from the Program were delivered and are now shared in the Ceibal platform so that teachers can use them as a tool in their classes. Practice activities, when rightly focused in environmental content, integrate different areas of knowledge such as Social Sciences, Literature, Mathematics, Art and Citizenship into their classes, through a project-based methodology.


The objective of the program is for students to become responsible productive and participative members of society through their strong commitment to the environment. Through interdisciplinary activities, PLT provides students with the opportunity to research environmental topics and encourages them to make responsible, informed decisions. Moreover, it provides teachers with the resources to connect topics from different disciplines through a project-based methodology.


During the launch event, a training session on the management of the Program to took place for teachers and staff from Plan Ceibal, instructed by Programa Cardijn, NGO that executed the Lessons from the Earth Program with the companies throughout the past 5 years in the previously mentioned departments.


This is about understanding education as a tool to create thinking and critical people that can contribute to transform their reality and improve their society. We are very happy to support public education this way”, stated Mara Pisano, Human Resources Manager in Lumin S.A.

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