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Shared Responsibility: State, companies, unions and families


In the context of the National Care System, and as a result of a project between Lumin, the Union Organization of Wood Workers (OSTM) and the INAU, the first center for care and education “Arcoíris” was inaugurated.


April is the Month of Care, and on Monday April 16th “Arcoíris” was inaugurated, the first space with these characteristics.


The event had the presence of the national secretary for Care, Julio Bango, the president of INAU, Marisa Lindner, Lumin’s executive director, Alvaro Molinari, Lumin’s HR Manager, Mara Pisano and a representative of the Union.


¨Arcoíris”, the objective of this center inaugurated in Tacuarembó is to benefit the integral development of children, especially in their early childhood -less than 3-years-old-. It is expected to provide care for 60 children at first. The goal for the future is to reach a number of 160 children being cared for.



To gain access to this service, the priority is for Lumin workers’ young children and young children of workers from outsourced companies that provide services to Lumin. In addition, there is a 20% of the tuition fees to be covered by children from the neighborhood community where the center is located.


 “We are very proud to strengthen our ties with our collaborators and community, and to invest on early childhood care. We understand that is defining factor for the development and, thus, for the future of the country” stated Mara Pisano, Lumin HR manager.


For the establishment of “Arcoíris”, Lumin provided the space and the necessary infrastructure, and the OSTM union manages the maintenance of the building. The National Care System, through the INAU, in charge of supporting the center with the monthly current expenses to sustain the service.


The NGO selected for the execution and administration of the program is “Programa CARDIJN”, that, with great expertise on the topic, carries out several projects of social interest.


This way, after finalizing an exhaustive preparation process carried out by different institutions that came together for a common goal, on April 16th ¨Arcoíris”, the first center for care and education opened its doors.



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