Social Responsibility

Lumin sustainably manages approx. 320,000 acres

(~ 130.000 ha) of forest and is deeply committed to giving back to local communities

Forest Certifications

The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC™) is an international non-profit, non-governmental organization dedicated to promoting Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) through independent third-party certification.


Case Studies

A look into Lumin’s impact on local communities


Project Learning Tree (PLT) is committed to creating a future in which the next generation values the natural world and has the knowledge and skills necessary to make informed decisions and take responsible actions to sustain forests and the broader environment.

Today, PLT lessons are implemented in a selection of rural and urban schools in Rivera and Tacuarembó departments, and Lumin has signed an agreement with another forestry company, Montes Del Plata, to expand PLT into the Durazno and Paysandú departments.

Program Goals
  1. Develop student awareness, appreciation, skills, and commitment to addressing environmental issues
  2. Provide a framework for students to apply scientific procedures and higher level thinking to skills to solve environmental problems
  3. Help students acquire an appreciation and tolerance of diverse viewpoints on environmental issues
  4. Develop attitudes and actions based on analysis and evaluation of the available information
  5. Encourage creativity, originality, and flexibility for solving environmental problems and issues
  6. Inspire and empower students to become responsible, productive, and participatory members of society
  7. Teach students how to think – not what to think – about complex environmental issues

Proyecto Árbol, a children’s training program, was carried out in rural and urban public schools in Tacuarembó, Rivera and Cerro Largo, reaching approximately 800 children.

The program includes the planting / adoption of native flora, with the aim of creating awareness among students and teachers concerning the importance of natural stewardship.

  1. Emphasize the importance of caring for native flora
  2. Generate exchanges that allow the community to become more aware of forestry activity
  3. Raise awareness concerning the prevention of forest fires
  4. Disseminate information on other non-industrial uses of trees and forests, including recreation, landscaping, medicinal, etc.

The mission of Fundación Celeste is to provide children opportunities for integration and development through sports.

The mission of “Escuela Celeste” is to promote the values of sport in the education of children, adolescents and young people. The Celeste Foundation (Fundación Celeste) created this children’s soccer program aimed at social development of children from 6 to 12 years of age, especially in places that have fewer social opportunities. This program teaches social inclusion, physical education, valuable life lessons, and skill building. This program was implemented in 10 departments with 42 Celeste Schools, which serve approximately 1,700 children.

The general objective of the program is to provide children opportunities for involvement and development through sports.


Lumin collaborated on the construction of an Educational Room, which will provide children with a space of rest, relaxation and learning in the hospital environment. The 100 square meter room will be located inside the Hospital of Tacuarembó, in the Ronald McDonald House, and will be equipped with a dining room, library, rest area, play area and classroom.


APADISTA (Friends and Parents of the Handicapped of Tacuarembó) is a non-profit Civil Association founded in December 1991, whose mission is to achieve the empowerment and comprehensive community rehabilitation of people with disabilities promoting their rights, duties and personal development with their family and social.

In our 26 years of existence they have achieved many of their objectives such as having their own headquarters, providing comprehensive sustainable rehabilitation services, creating, holding workshops and therapies to facilitate rehabilitation according to institutional demand, contribute to equal opportunities for social inclusion and labor, exchange experiences with all public and private, local, national and international institutions with the same purpose.


Promote research and continuous training, develop an integrated management model to facilitate networking in search of equity and quality.

Lumin has collaborated with the purchase and installation of a hydraulic lift to admit patients with mobility problems to the rehabilitation pool, which will be very helpful for all patients and people with disabilities.


Lumin donates hydraulic elevator to A.PA.DIS.TA


Lumin donated a hydraulic elevator to A.PA.DIS.TA (Friends and Parents of Disable people from Tacuarembó) to guarantee the access of all patients and people with disabilities to the pool to perform rehabilitation exercises in the water to complete their treatment.

This elevator, bought and installed by Lumin, assures the entry of patients with mobility difficulties to the pool, which also means a substantial improvement for their treatment.

For Lumin it is a great source of pride and priviledge to have this opportunity to contribute with the community to which we belong, with actions like this one that are aligned with our coprortate values”, stated Álvaro Molinari, Executive Director of Lumin.

A.PA.DIS.TA is a nonprofit civil association and the first Integral Rehabilitation Center to the north of the Rio Negro, founded in December 1991, with a mission to achieve the integral community qualification and rehabilitation of disabled people promoting their rights, duties, and their development in the personal, family and social spheres.

As an NGO A.PA.DIS.TA integrates the FUAP (Uruguayan Federation of Parents Associations), the CENAFRE (Equestrian Rehabilitation National Center) and the PLENDI (National Plenary of Organizations of People with Disability). Likewise, it has been declared to have regional interest by the Departmental Board. In addition, A.PA.DIS.TA promotes the constant research and qualification, and the development of an integrated executive model to facilitate networking in the search for equity and quality.




ARCOIRIS (Rainbow) Educational center of special care for early childhood

It is the first Center with this characteristic in Tacuarembó and Lumin, the Wood Workers Union Organization (OSTM), the National Care System (SNC) and the National Children and Adolescent Institute of Uruguay (INAU), signed an agreement for the installation of a special care center in the department of Tacuarembó. The center will be named Arcoíris (Rainbow)

This agreement is an important hit for Lumin’s Corporate Social Responsibility program for several reasons, e.g.: the magnitude of this entrepreneurship, the importance of the investment, the betting on the early childhood portion of the community and the key participation of the OSTM Union and the governmental actors.

Lumin will provide the infrastructure needed for the installation and operation of the center as well as the initial equipment so the service can be implemented, and maintained. The National Care System, through the INAU, is the institution responsible for supporting the monthly expenses to sustain the service.

The center will have a socio-educational environment that can provide a service for up to 120 children to improve their integral development, with a priority set on early childhood -less than 3 years old-, as well as to the promotion of the exercise of their rights.

The center will count with an education and care program directed to children between 0 to 3 years old.

The priority to gain access to the services will be placed on Lumin employees with small children and those who belong to the community where the center will be established.

Shared Responsibility: State, company, unions and families

In the context of the National Care System, and as a result of a project between Lumin, the Union Organization of Wood Workers (OSTM) and the INAU, the first center for care and education “Arcoíris” was inaugurated.


April is the Month of Care, and on Monday April 16th “Arcoíris” was inaugurated, the first space with these characteristics.


The event had the presence of the national secretary for Care, Julio Bango, the president of INAU, Marisa Lindner, Lumin’s executive director, Alvaro Molinari, Lumin’s HR Manager, Mara Pisano and a representative of the Union.


¨Arcoíris”, the objective of this center inaugurated in Tacuarembó is to benefit the integral development of children, especially in their early childhood -less than 3-years-old-. It is expected to provide care for 60 children at first. The goal for the future is to reach a number of 160 children being cared for.



To gain access to this service, the priority is for Lumin workers’ young children and young children of workers from outsourced companies that provide services to Lumin. In addition, there is a 20% of the tuition fees to be covered by children from the neighborhood community where the center is located.


 “We are very proud to strengthen our ties with our collaborators and community, and to invest on early childhood care. We understand that is defining factor for the development and, thus, for the future of the country” stated Mara Pisano, Lumin HR manager.


For the establishment of “Arcoíris”, Lumin provided the space and the necessary infrastructure, and the OSTM union manages the maintenance of the building. The National Care System, through the INAU, in charge of supporting the center with the monthly current expenses to sustain the service.


The NGO selected for the execution and administration of the program is “Programa CARDIJN”, that, with great expertise on the topic, carries out several projects of social interest.


This way, after finalizing an exhaustive preparation process carried out by different institutions that came together for a common goal, on April 16th ¨Arcoíris”, the first center for care and education opened its doors.

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Lumin and Montes del Plata provide a new education tool through Plan Ceibal


The Program of Lessons from the Earth (PLT) proposes a project-based pedagogy methodology.


Lumin, owner of the license for the Program of Lessons from the Earth (PLT), and Montes del Plata, transferred their rights of a new education tool to reach teachers and students from public primary schools from around the country through Plan Ceibal.

Until now, both companies have been responsible for the implementation of this program of environmental education from the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (USA), approved by the CIEP (Early and Primary Education Council) and supported by the Departments of Early and Primary Education in its execution.

The Program Lessons from the Earth has been a success in its implementation in Tacuarembó, Rivera, Paysandú and Durazno since 2012. During that period, 5793 students from 74 primary schools and 254 teachers were reached by the program in its face to face format.

With the transference of rights, 96 lessons and activities from the Program were delivered and are now shared in the Ceibal platform so that teachers can use them as a tool in their classes. Practice activities, when rightly focused in environmental content, integrate different areas of knowledge such as Social Sciences, Literature, Mathematics, Art and Citizenship into their classes, through a project-based methodology.


The objective of the program is for students to become responsible productive and participative members of society through their strong commitment to the environment. Through interdisciplinary activities, PLT provides students with the opportunity to research environmental topics and encourages them to make responsible, informed decisions. Moreover, it provides teachers with the resources to connect topics from different disciplines through a project-based methodology.


During the launch event, a training session on the management of the Program to took place for teachers and staff from Plan Ceibal, instructed by Programa Cardijn, NGO that executed the Lessons from the Earth Program with the companies throughout the past 5 years in the previously mentioned departments.


This is about understanding education as a tool to create thinking and critical people that can contribute to transform their reality and improve their society. We are very happy to support public education this way”, stated Mara Pisano, Human Resources Manager in Lumin S.A.